Thursday, January 14, 2016

20 in 2015 Book Challenge

My lovely wife and I did our yearly book challenge for the six year. Read at least 20 books in a year. I wound up with 42 books and 7 comic collections. I think my favorites from the year were: The Rook, The Martian, Joyland and Station Eleven.

Here is my list:
  • Lisey's Story by Stephen King (King said this is his favorite book of his. It had a slow start but it finally got going and I enjoyed it. But it's far from my favorite).
  • Hellboy in Hell Volume 1 by Mike Mignola (Not much to say here. It's Hellboy. It's Mignola. It's always awesome)
  • The Colorado Kid by Stephen King (A enjoyed this a lot. Engaging story, likable characters, quick read. Spoilers: Sure, I was disappointed there was no resolution to the case, but I get where he's coming from)
  • Danger Girl/G.I. Joe by  Andy Hartnell and John Royle (Fun, that's probably best describes it. Great mix of both series. The illustrator gets amazingly close to copying Campbell's style.)
  • Savage Wolverine Volume 1: Kill Island by Frank Cho (Popcorn movie of books. Awesome art. Big fun)
  • For Whom the Cowbell Tolls: 25 Years of Paul's Boutique by Dan LeRoy and Peter Relic (A must for any true Beastie Boys fan. I could have used some more insight into the making of the album rather than some of the other chapters where people talk about the impact it had on them.)
  • Luther: The Calling by Neil Cross (Pretty dark at times, but I loved the character from the show. Hope the author writes more)
  • Invincible: The Ultimate Collection, Vol. 3 by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley (Always great)
  • A Pleasure and a Calling by Phil Hogan (I really liked this one a lot. Creepy main character. England. Twists. What more can you ask for?)
  • Major League Chew by Rob Guillory, John Layman (Always a fun and sometimes disgusting read)
  • Where Eagles Dare by Alistair MacLean (Always loved the movie and the Iron Maiden song, thought I'd give the book a try. Also great)
  • The Rook by Daniel O'Malley (One of my favorites for the year. I never walk into a book store anymore, discover a book and buy it. I always have a stack of books, and to-read lists. But I saw this book, was intrigued and bought it. Great book. Mix Hellboy, Buffy, Harry Potter and X-Men together and it's something like that.)
  • America's Favorite Radio Station: WKRP in Cincinnati by Michael B. Kassel (If you're hardcore fan of WKRP, I'd recommend it. I was disappointed that half of the book is an episode guide, which back in pre-internet early 90s, would have pretty cool but not today)
  • Beastie Boys Book Deluxe by Frank Owen (Even though this wasn't a very in-depth book, I did actually learn a  few tidbits. Had lots of photos and a nice layout)
  • Guns of the Timberlands, Hondo, Ride the Dark Trail, The Man Called Noon, and Dark Canyon by Louis L'Amour (Continuing by plan to read more Westerns, I've yet to read one of his I haven't liked)
  • The Art of Robert E McGinnis by Robert E McGinnis and Art Scott (Amazing book, must-have for fans of this type of art)
  • The Walking Dead Chronicles: The Official Companion Book by Paul Ruditis (Nice look into the first season and how they adapted the comic to TV)
  • This is Spinal Tap: Official Companion Edited by Karl French (Got this for a buck. It was fun to read the script but the back half of the book was kind of filler)
  • Somebody Owes Me Money by Donald E. Westlake (Good read if you like the genre)
  • The Ritual by Adam Nevill (Creepy book. First time reading this guy's stuff, planning to read more. The first half of this was awesome, the second have was good.)
  • Planet of the Apes 1, 2 and 3 by George Alex Effinger (Recommended only if you're a big POTA fan)
  • Joyland by Stephen King (One of my favorites of the year. Best Stephen King I've read in a few years)
  • Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong (Recommended if you like behind the scenes stuff and 70s sitcoms)
  • I Love You Beth Cooper by Larry Doyle (Read this in two days. Quick read, obviously. Thought it was funny. Never saw the movie, may have to see how it compares, heard it was lacking)
  • Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (Never read it before. This guy might be going places)
  • The Martian by Andy Weir (One of the best I read this year.)
  • Conan the Wanderer and Conan the Adventurer by Robert E. Howard, L. Sprague de Camp, Lin Carter (Always entertaining)
  • Dexter’s Final Cut by Jeff Lindsay (Dexter books are always entertaining, there were some things in this one that I thought were odd, but still good)
  • The Cocktail Waitress by James M. Cain (Decent read, little clunky at times. Bought it for a dime, so i think I came out ahead)
  • Southern Bastards Vol 1 and 2 by Jason Aaron and Jason LaTour (Really loved these. Art and story are great. Gritty.)
  • Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry (This was a reread for me. I read it for the first time almost 20 years ago, still a fascinating read)
  • Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel (One of my favorites this year. But I’m a sucker for post apocalyptic stuff) 
  • The Hidden Man by Anthony Flacco (Not great, but still enjoyable. Pacing seemed awkward) 
  • The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins (Had to see what the fuss was about. I liked it. I assume it’ll be a movie before long).
  • The Ticket: Full Disclosure by Scott Boyter (A boy that would only appeal to the tiniest amount of people, but I was one of them)
  • Splinter of the Mind’s Eye by Alan Dean Foster (Most disappointing book in a while. Had this book as a kid but never read it. Got a copy and read it 30 something years later. I found it very boring and sluggish)
  • Dark Harvest by Norman Partridge (Recommended by a friend. Great October reading.)
  • The End of Summer: Thirteen Tales of Halloween by J. Tonzelli (Came across this book when looking for Dark Harvest and I’m glad I did. Well done Halloween stories)
  • Han Solo at Stars' End by Brian Daley (I liked this way more than Splinter of the Mind’s Eye)
  • The Cold Dish by Craig Johnson (I like the show, starting to read the book. There are some differences but I liked it)
  • Revival by Stephen King (Good one)

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