Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dog Food Productions DVD Collection

My buddies and I have a little group called Dog Food Productions, if you read this blog regularly, you already know that. But what type of person would read this blog regularly? If it's you, you may have some unresolved issues in your life.

Anyway, we make silly short films with no budget, we've managed to do over a dozen of them. We have now given ourselves (mainly Randy, the director) the task of putting the entire back catalog onto DVD, and in turn cleaning off our plates, enabling us to head into the future to make even more silly short films.

Here is a teaser trailer for the collection that Randy did and some of the DVD covers I created.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Italy Photos

My wife and I recently went to Italy. We visited Rome, Florence, (Lucca and Pisa in one day) and Venice. It was really incredible, we had a blast. If you have the means, you should go. Anyway, we uploaded a bunch of our photos. Check 'em out if you're interested. Captions by Heather. Click on the Colosseum to see them all...

Spookytown Update

In 2008, I plan to get back on track with the Spookytown graphic novel. I've been so busy with other projects that it got sit aside. I still need to tweak a couple of parts of the script, but other than that it's ready to be drawn.

If you're interested, I have still have some sketchbooks for sale. It’s a 20-page mini-comic type book containing over 70 sketches, drawings and doodles that I’ve done will preparing to start the graphic novel. I printed up a limited edition of 100 books. Each is hand numbered and signed, I usually do a sketch on the back too. Just drop me a line if you'd like to buy one.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Spookytown in Rome

Recently my wife and I went to Italy (more on that later) and in Rome I found a really cool little comic book shop. We went in and shopped, I bought a Corto Maltese book because I want a comic in Italian as a momento. Anyway, I brought along a few of my Spookytown Sketchbooks in case I met anyone I would want to give one to. I gave the owner a copy. He didn't speak English very well, but asked if I drew it and he seemed to like it. Here is a photo I snapped of him looking at it as we left.

Wedding Shower Invitation

A friend of my wife (and of me as well) is getting married and my wife and her friends threw her a bridal shower. They asked me to design the invitation. Here it is. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Subculture Comic

Next time you’re a comic book shop (or comic shopping online for that matter), be sure to pick up issue #2 of Ape Entertainment’s Subculture. It’s a really funny book and this particular issue features a pin-up by your truly. Stop by the Subculture website to get a look at what they’ve got going on. It’s good stuff.
Click here to check out their site.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Dallas Comic Con and Spookytown Sketchbooks

Come out to the Richardson Convention this Saturday and Sunday, June 30 and July 1 for the Dallas Comic Con. I will be there as one of the guest comic book artists. Not only will I being do drawings, selling comics and original art, but also at this show I will be debuting my new Spookytown Sketchbook.

It’s a 20-page mini-comic type book containing over 70 sketches, drawings and doodles that I’ve done will preparing to start the graphic novel. I printed up a limited edition of 100 books, so I can have plenty to last me over the next year of conventions because I figure it’s gonna take me a while to finish the graphic novel. Each is hand numbered and signed.

If you like horror comics, film noir, hard-boiled detectives, zombies, styles from the 40s/50s or dames that can handle themselves, this is the sketchbook for you.

Spookytown Doppelgangers

I saw this and it gave me a laugh, probably won’t give you one though. If you’re a Graphic Designer like me, you’ve probably read HOW Magazine. If so, you’ve most likely seen these little “trading cards” that the French Paper Company puts in each issue. There pretty cool, some are actually funny.

In the most recent issue, they had the two cards above. I thought it was cool that the two that they matched up resembled Jack and Emma from Spookytown. Truth is that I paid them millions of dollars to do a subliminal campaign of advanced promotion for the graphic novel.

Friday, June 01, 2007

More Spookytown

I’ve been doing a lot of sketching for the Spookytown graphic novel lately. I'm really getting pumped about working on the book. I still have some tweaks to make to the script though. I want to get it right before I start teh drawing process. Here is a new promo image and some sketches I did recently…

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Second Sign of the Apocalypse

Once again, Dog Food Productions participated in the Video Association of Dallas’ 24 Hour Video Race. Before, we get to the results; let’s examine our past performances:

2003 - Finished our film in time, but were unable to get it on the tape they required. That hurt.

2004 - Finished our film in time, made the deadline, had it screened, didn’t make the finals.

2006 - Finished our film in time, made the deadline, had it screened, made the finals, didn’t place.

It’s 2007 and I’m proud to say… We won 3rd place in our division. Yeah, it’s not first or second place, but we did win something for our efforts. See semi-snazzy trophy below.

With this pattern, maybe we’ll get second place in 2008 and win in 2009? Could be.

What was disappointing to us is that we were unable to do everything in the film that we had planned. We were getting down to the wire in the editing stage, trying to improve some audio and ran out of time. We left off a funny joke and didn’t get the end credits added, which would have ended our film on a laugh (in theory).

Hey, it’s a race and that’s what it’s all about. We can only blame ourselves for not turning in the film we wanted to. But we did place and we’re happy with that. The night of the race, we were happy just getting it in on time. We made it in at 11:58.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Alibi

I can't believe I never posted this. Me and some buddies of mine make movies from time to time under the name "Dog Food Productions" and we also (from time to tme) participate in the Video Association of Dallas' annual 24 Hour Video Race. Teams meet at midnight on Friday, they give you a line of dialogue, a location, a prop and a theme. Then you have 24 hours to make a 5 minute film that incorporates those elements and get it to the finish line by midnight Saturday.

We finished the race and actually made it to the semi-finals, where we lost. Anyway, you can watch our entry if you like. We're gonna compete again this year too, just a couple of weeks away. Be warned, it's not good cinema.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

CAPE 3 - Bride of CAPE!!!

Yes, it's back again for a third year... CAPE - The Comics and Pop-Culture Expo. Again it takes place on Free Comic Book Day and there will be tons of comic creators, including yours truly. The show is FREE and there are thousands fo FREE COMIC BOOKS.

It takes place:
Saturday May 5th form 10am to 6pm
Zeus Toys and Comics
3878 Oaklawn Ave
Dallas, TX 75219

Look at all these freaking guests:
Gail Simone
Scott Kurtz
Jim Mahfood
Roberto Aguirre-Sacas
Daivd Mack
Mike Huddleston
Jamie S. Rich
Tony Bedard
Kristian Donaldson
Brian Denham
James O'Barr
Ben Dunn
Josh Howard
Dave Crosland
Samax Randolph
David Hopkins
Brock Rizey

And that's just some of them! Not even half of them! If you miss this FREE show (Todd Caruth), you're are missing one of the biggest shows all year. If that list doesn't get you out of the house, how about this... A bunch of the artists doing a LIVE art benefit show the night before at:

St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin
2730 Commerce St
Dallas, TX 75226
(214) 698-1511

Click here for all your CAPE 3 needs.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spookytown Production Update

Man, I'm going blog crazy today. Look at all these posts, I don't know how I do it. Maybe because I'm too lazy or too busy to do this on some sort of regular schedule, then I dump a half a dozen on here in one day.

Anyway, just a quick update on how the production of my Spookytown graphic novel is going. It's going good. There. No seriously, I just finished the second draft, as seen here. The story has expanded from 60 pages to 66 pages since the first draft. A couple of scenes seemd rush before, so I fleshed them out. And I added one more scene to explain some things. My lovely wife and I are gonna give it another read through and then I may pass it on to a few friends to read, I'm no sure yet. But I think it's in pretty good shape. It's obvioulsy not gonna be the best comic book anyone's ever read because (and I'll repeat this to my grave) I am not a writer, I think it'll be a fun read.

Also, I've been doing a lot of sketching in preparation for drawing the darn thing. I've been trying to nail down all the characters before I start in order to keep them consistent throughout the book. I thought I'm share some here. Below are a bunch of ones I recently did. You can see the main characters Jack and Emma, also Jack's dad, his buddy Ben and couple of other folks too. Hope you dig 'em.

FUSION - Art, Music, Poetry Show - April 28th

I'll be appearing at a show this coming Saturday, April 28th. Click on the image below for all the information...

Fanboy TV Appearance

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to be the in-studio artist on the 3rd episode of the all new Fanboy TV. It's a live internet tv show that's taped in Dallas twice a week. They have the artist come on first and interview them. Then the artist goes off and creates a drawing while the rest of the show goes on. The guest after me (via webcam) was only Joe Quesada, no pressure right? Then artist comes back, participates in the "Sub of Flub" segment and then reveals the peice they created. And the cool thing is, they give away the artwork in a drawing of people from their message board.

Here is my interview segment.They have problems getting my mic going at first but it kicks in pretty quick.

Me participating in Sub or Flub.

Here's the reveal of the peice I created. They have technical troubles at first, the screen is stuck on their website, but it eventually comes up.

Below is the peice I created and a shot of me with the guys on the set.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Welcome (Back) to Spookytown

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I'm itching to get back into doing some comic book work. Well, in 2002, I created a comic called "Spookytown" and published a short mini comic as an introduction to the concept. The concept being...

In Spookytown, you’d swear every day was Halloween. It’s always a little dark and ominous and you never know what’s lurking in the shadows. Almost every place is haunted, the moon is always full, every cat is black, there are graveyards around every corner and it's filled with odd and mysterious citizens.

Jack Brannon and his plucky assistant Emma, run Gum Shoe Investigation, specializing in supernatural cases, which seem to be the only type in Spookytown. Business is good for two reasons...he’s the only private eye in town and there is no shortage of dark and dangerous cases in a place like this. It’s Phillip Marlowe meets Buffy and the X-Files, mixed with a bit of Scooby Doo and Kolchack the Night Stalker.

So, after five years, I've dusted off the sketch book and revisited some of the characters and ideas I created back then and I'm happy to announce that over four day stretch, I've got the first draft of a 60-page graphic novel on my desk. Granted, I also have a red ink pen and a lot of notes scribbled in too. I was planning to have my lovely wife read it, proofread it and give me some feedback on it, but I'm thinking I might do another draft first. I'm not sure yet. There are still some kinks that I'm not completely happy with, so I need to works those out.

I've made the original mini comic available in a pdf format, if you've never read it and are interestd in it. But beware, as I say in the back of it... I am not a writer. So, try not to judge it too hard. If you want to check it out, just click on the icon on the left to download it. Anyway, with any luck, I'll finish the script, draw the book and get it published. Should be that simple, huh? Ha ha. And if no one wants to pick it up, I may just publish it myself. Who knows what the future holds for Spookytown?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dallas Comic Con - FREE SHOW!

Come on out for a free comic convention March 17-18 at the Richardson Convention Center. Apparently it's two shows in one because thy will be having the Great Texas GI JOE Show there as well.

Media guests include:
Morena Baccarin - Serenity/Firefly/Appearing Saturday only!
Ernie Hudson - Ghostbusters, The Crow
Peter Mayhew - STAR WARS, Chewbacca
Walter Koenig - STAR TREK, Chekov.

Comic creators include myself and:
Brian Denham
Scott Kurtz - Creator of PVP.
James O'Barr - Creator the Crow.

So come on out!

Click here for more info on the show.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

When I was 10 years old, I was clearly insane

While organizing old drawings and junk, I came across this gem. If you can't laugh at this work of art, then you my friend just do not possess the ability to do so. There are so many wheel-off things here that I don't know where to begin. Let me list some of the things that make a strong case for childhood mental instability. You have to click on the image to enjoy it to it's fullest.

1. I have a "Space Tank", and a pimped-out one at that.
2. My back seat driver is Chewbacca.
3. My navigator (apparently) is The Atom.
4. My friends Han Solo and Aquaman are out on a lovely stroll together.
5. My cat has got my back.
6. A miniature S.W.A.T. van is riding along side of me.
7. I proudly fly the U.S. flag and the Cal Slayton flag.
8. I fire my laser ray at all times.
9. Lastly and most importantly, no matter who tells you differently, I invented the term "Crunk".