Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dallas Comic Con 2012

My ugly mug and stuff for sale.

Once again, Dallas Comic Con was a awesome show.  I’ve been doing it since it’s inception, I’ve always had a great time and this year was no different.
Last year they had a record-setting turnout and this year they blew that out of the water. Never has a local show had that many people clamoring to get in. I got there over two hours before doors opened and there were already 200 - 300 people outside.  And as the day went on, that line weaved back and forth and around the Irving Convention Center. It was a mass of people.

There were so many guests and exhibitors that a lot of the artists, including me, were set up on the fourth floor.  This of course made us all nervous, fearing that no one would find us. And for the first hour or more that seemed to be the case.  Then little by little people staring coming up.  Luckily the fourth floor is where all the Q&As were being held and that drove hundreds of people upstairs. Once they knew we were there, we had a steady flow both days.

Last year was the most successful show I’ve ever had and I came just a bit shy on matching it this year.  But last year was an anomaly where I had one guy get 5 commissions from me. That never really happens.

Thanks as always to Mark Walters and Ben Stevens for having me.  Thanks to David Hopkins for being a cool neighbor all weekend, a;ways like sitting with him. And a huge thanks to everyone who stopped by to get commissions, to buy stuff or just to gab.

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