Thursday, September 16, 2010

Latest Listoon and Some old KISS Memorabilia

"Merchandising ideas Kiss has yet to try."
When I got the script for this Listoon (or KISStoon), I knew it would be a fun one for me. As a kid, I was a huge KISS fan. They were really the only albums I had for a while, I was in the KISS Army, and I was an “Ace” guy. But I dropped off after “Dynasty”. No Peter and Ace, no deal. I’ve only seen them once in concert, on their first reunion tour, when they had Peter and Ace. It was everything I wanted it to be. Like Alive and Alive II come to life.

While drawing this strip, I dug into some boxes in the studio closet and found a lot of my old KISS memorabilia. Feast your eyes on this treasure trove of KISStory…


Nahteboy said...

Awesome! Love it! Rock And Roll All Nite, Cal!

Wayne Frazer said...

Terrific stuff -- by any chance do you have a print or any of the original work from this? My business partner is a HUGE KISS fan and this would blow him away as a gift!