Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dallas Comic Con Wrap-Up

Once again I had a great time at the Dallas Comic Con and as always I have Mark Walters and Ben Stevens to thank for it. Guys, thanks for inviting me and congratulations for putting on such successful show. If you’ve never come out to one of their conventions, you really should. They have Shatner coming to the next one, hopefully I can get to be a part of that one too.

Unfortunately I could only do Saturday this past weekend as I had my boy’s 2nd birthday party on Sunday, which was also a great time. Maybe I can get Shatner for the next one of those? But even just doing the con for one day, I did a ton of drawing. Thanks to everyone who came by my table to either commission me or just to say hello, I always appreciate it. There are a lot of great artists at these shows, so I’m honored that anyone would choose to spend their hard-earned dollars on my work.

Here is a look at some of the pieces I did. There are several characters I’ve never drawn before in my life, but I like that. It’s something new and gets me out of my comfort zone. I like the Jaguar and Caveman Batman a lot and really enjoyed doing the "Breaking Bad" one. The guy who commissioned it gave me a choice of that or Gorillaz!

Here is a video someone posted about the show. At the 1:54 mark, you can see your's truly actually doing one of those pieces. If you want to see that hot BSG gal, then start a few seconds before me.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Two Sketch Cards

I'm happy to announce that I was asked to do a second set of Star Wars cards for Topps. I'm also happy to announce that I got them done in time. It was touch and go for a while because I didn't get them until a week ago. Luckily I asked in advance if I could do 50 instead of 100 because getting them so late, I don't think I would've finished them all. Either that or I wouldn't have ever slept. Oh, who am I kidding, I wouldn't have slept.

This set is for The Clone Wars Season Two. Unfortunately, I never saw Season Two, or Season One for that matter. I saw the movie and I got through disk one of Season One by the time I got the blanks (I'm now through disk two). It's a pretty cool show, can't wait to catch up before Season Three starts. I also had a great reference book to help me with some of the characters I was unfamiliar with ... The Star Wars The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia very cool book and cheap too.

So, here are all my cards, I hope you like them. I wish I had more time to work on them. Plus, my day job, Dallas Comic Con, my kid's birthday, family in town, getting sick and other freelance work really sucked a lot of my time. But, I'm happy with them and I met my goal of doing them all in color. I'm hoping to get back the first row as my Artist Return Cards.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Gail Simone Collaboration

Cal Slayton is the least famous comic book artist to draw a Gail Simone Story.

That's probably a true statement, but I haven't really done the research to back it up. And I probably won't ever get around to doing it anyway. Can you dispute it? Imagine not. But I can say I did collaborate with her. Back in 2003, Dan Taylor, creator of "Super Hero Happy Hour" (and that's back before DC and Marvel made him drop the "Super") asked me if I would draw a four page back-up story written by Gail. "Gee, hmmmm ... let me think about that." Of course I did, what am I, crazy? Anyway, it was fun to work with her, she was so cool and I think it turned out pretty nice. Here is the story from "Super Hero Happy Hour #4"....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Illustration - Dog Walking

Here is a new piece I did for a client recently. Yes, that dog is wearing high heels. Hey, it was a first for me too.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Ariel from Thundarr

Here's a quickie I did tonight. Princess Ariel from one of my favorite cartoons I watched as a kid, Thundarr the Barbarian. I wanted to draw something that I wanted to draw, not something someone else needed drawn. It's been a while since I've done that, so I just whipped this up. I've always wanted to draw this character, I might even do it again later when I have more time. Hope you like it. I would love to hear that Thundarr is being released on DVD, but I think it would have happened by now. So far, no release date.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Dallas Comic Con - August 28 - 29

UPDATED: Edward James Olmos has been added as a guest for the show. Saturday only. Very cool.
Come out to the Dallas Comic Con August 28th and 29th at the Richardson Civic Center, 411 West Arapaho Rd (in Richardson of course). Show hours are Saturday 11:00 am - 6 pm and Sunday 12 noon - 4 pm. I will be there on Saturday only. I have my boy’s birthday party on Sunday. But come out both days because there is gonna be a ton of great guests....

Temuera Morrison, Alan Harris, David Prowse, Keith Pollard, Angel Medina , Mark Brooks, Pat Broderick, June Brigman, Kerry Gammill, Ben Dunn, James O’Barr, Josh Howard, Steve Ersin, John Lucas, Brian Denham, David Hopkins, Brent Pebbles, Richard Dominguez and more.

This will be the first Dallas area show that I will have my new sketchbooks available. So come by on Saturday and pick one up. Hope to see you there.

Check out the Dallas Comic Con

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Hot new dance moves we'd like to see in Step Up 3D

Stacy comes up with some new moves for all the kids out there in the latest Quick Listoon. I'll stick to poppin' and lockin'.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A Few of New Illustrations

These are of a mascot (named Zoe) for a site called Zen Planner.
This one is of "Jim Healthy" for My Healing Kitchen.