Monday, March 01, 2010

P'ups Sketch Cards

When it rains it pours. But I like rain. I just got my blanks for another sketch card set I'll be working on. This is another one for 5finity, the same folks who are producing the Dead@17 cards. This set is called "P'ups: Pin-ups and Puppies" featuring Dean Yeagle's Mandy and Skoots, the classic girl next door and her dog. Two of the cards I'm doing will feature those characters, the rest will be any cute pin-up girl I want along side different breeds of puppies chosen by the company. Should be a fun set to do. But they're due around the same time as the Star Wars cards, so I'll definitely be busy the next month.


LUD! said...

Cal, I'll be joining you with this card set-- the 5finity folks saw my pin-up work on my deviantArt page and asked if I be interested in participating.

I'm very stoked! My first sketch card work!

Lud Hughes

Cal Slayton said...

Cool! Congrats man, look forward to seeing yours.