Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Jersey Shore" Spin-offs We'd Like to See

Here is the latest Quick Listoon. I've never watched "Jersey Shore", so when I was sent the script, I thought, "Great, now I'm gonna have to watch it. For work!" So, I sullied the reputation of our DVR and recorded an episode. Man, I couldn't get through 10 minutes of it before I deleted it. And not that I'm against bad TV, I watch my share for sure. But these kids ... ugh. So I just relied on their profiles on MTV's website and Google Image Search. Hopefully, I did them justice. Because if anyone deserve justice in this world it's those fine, upstanding folks.

I haven't mentioned anything about our process of doing these strips. Geoff comes up with the topic, writes a bunch of panels and then sends them to our editor at Quick. They then narrow them down to the seven we're gonna do. They hand it off to me, just the list, no notes. Then I come up with all the visuals. There have been one or two panels that I've run past them first just to confirm I'm getting the point across with the image, but generally I just draw them and send the strip back. This week's strip is the first one where I was asked to change something. Originally, I had Bruce Springsteen in the CSI scene. They said it would be better if it were just a regular Jersey type dude. And I agree with their point. But, I saved the unpublished panel. I couldn't do that to the Boss...

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