Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dallas Comic Con - January 30-31

I’m happy to announce that I’ll once again be a guest at the Dallas Comic Con, which is this January 30-31 at the Richardson Civic Center. Other comic creators in attendance include Tim Sale, Adam Hughes, Michael Golden, Mark Brooks, Todd Nauck, Pat Broderick, Jim Mahfood, Mike Huddleston, Tom Feister, Matt Sturges, Brian Denham, Kerry Gammill, Kez Wilson, Joe Eisma, Brent Peeples, David Hopkins, Paul Milligan, Harold Ledoux and whole lot more. That’s a pretty nice line up if you’re a comic book fan. There will also be media guest like the great Adam West, Charisma Carpenter, some Twilight dude and more. I’ll be doing sketches all day Saturday and Sunday. I will also have Sketch Cards for sell as well. So, get off the couch, put on some pants and come out to the show. You know you want to. As always, a big, big thanks to Mark and Ben for their continued support.

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1 comment:

Lan Pitts said...

Damn, I'll be flying back to Atlanta for a few days while this is going on. Damn. Damn damn damn.

Have fun, bro.