Saturday, August 08, 2009

Rockstar Creator

This was a cool project I did last year. It was for TIGI, the company that makes hair products, like Bead Head. They wanted to have a website where people could create their on rockstar avatar. Similar to what I did for the Hot Topic Halloween E-Card. Unfortunately, it never went live, but they were cool enough to let me use it for my portfolio.

So I had to create a total of 4 body shapes, 20 different eye, nose, mouth, eyebrow designs, 47 hair styles, 5 one-piece outfits, 10 outfit bottoms, 8 outfits tops, 4 guitars, 2 large accessories (cape and wings) and a bunch of small accessories and piercings. They wanted weird, wild, over-the-top styles. And they had to be built were the person could change the base color and highlights. Labor intensive to be sure, but still fun.


Lan Pitts said...

ooooh, very cool!

samax said...