Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Color Sketch Cards

Here are the last of the first batch of cards that I will be selling at conventions. I like the GI Adventure Teams guys, Emma Frost and Lobster Johnson a lot out of these. In just over a week I did 45 of them. Also, here's a shoot of all of them in their little plastic sleeves.


Lan Pitts said...

best of luck!

JE Smith said...

I may have to come to the show just to buy an Adventure Team card from ya. What are you selling them for?

And if I ever do another show, I'm definitely stealing this idea. :)

Cal Slayton said...

I'll be selling them for $6 at shows. Probably a little more for commissions done at home.

I'm a lot cheaper at shows because I feel like that's what I'm there to do, and it's not taking away any of my time like at home. Plus, people pay to get the cons, so I try to be as affordable as I can.