Monday, August 17, 2009

Other Artists on Spookytown

I've been collecting original art of other artist's take on Spookytown characters. If the artist is a friend of mine, I've been lucky to work out a trade, sketch for sketch. If they're someone I'm not on personal terms with, I've paid for the commission. Any artist that would like to trade, drop me a line. Reference material here....

Fred Hembeck:
Todd Nauck:Paul Milligan:
Cat Staggs:

Mark Murphy:

Michael Lagocki:

Ben Dunn:

Chynna Clugston:

Howard Chaykin:

Jim Mahfood:

Richard Dominguez:

Samax Amen:

Steve Erwin:

Brock Rizy:
Brent Schoonover


samax said...

i'm in GREAT company! that steve erwin piece is fresh! the flashlight effect is really cool! plus, you got one from FOOD ONE!

Lan Pitts said...

That is a very cool collection.

Sam Bohon said...

rockin rockin stuff man, LOVE the top one, oh yea, and that guy Samax- yea...hes alright ;P

David said...

These look great!