Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lutu - Warrior of the North

Here's a little pin-up I did for Lutu - Warrior of the North. A comic by Steve Coffin, published by Ronin Studios. Steve describes her...

Lutu is the main character in my new sword and sorcery comic book that is currently in production. She is the sister of a famous Warrior, who is also named Lutu, but unfortunately our Lutu is more of a culinary expert than a sword master. Lutu is mistaken for her sister and she assumes her identity in hopes of finding her.

She's not your typical comic babe body type. As he says "She's a plus size gal".

Check out Lutu - Warrior of the North


samax said...

hot stuff!

Team Fuller said...

Very sexy!

Coffin said...

Great job Cal!
And thanks for the plug.