Thursday, February 05, 2009

More Spookytown Pages

Well, so far I’ve been able to keep my New Year’s resolution to work on Spookytown everyday. I have to draw something on the page, no matter how small, every single day. Some days I get a panel done, some days a page and a half done. It just depends. The hard part is just finding the time to do it. I even take my supplies up to work a couple of days a week and sit in the cafeteria and draw.

So far my efforts have gotten me to page 13. Not too bad considering that before I started this resolution I only had 3 pages done. So basically I knocked out 10 pages in 5 weeks. The book is 70 pages long, so I’ve got a ways to go. But I’m getting there.

In other Spookytown news, I got a coupon for free postcards from OvernightPrints, so I made up some nifty promo cards for the book. No dates on it, no “Coming Soon” or “Available Now” type copy. Just a generic promotion. I think they came out pretty nice.


LUD! said...

Don't worry, Cal. You'll get there soon. And from what I can see, so far so good!

Lud Hughes

David said...

Yay! Spookytown!