Monday, January 26, 2009

Comicon Thanks

I just wanted to thank everyone who stopped by my table at the Dallas Comicon this past weekend. I had a great time and drew almost non-stop on Saturday. I met a lot of cool people as always. Special thanks to members of the Austin Browncoats, (Beth, Brooks and all the rest), Actually there might have been other Browncoat groups there too, I'm not sure. Maybe Texas Browncoats in general. Anyway, they bought almost all of my Firefly drawings and commissioned several more. They were all really nice and seemed to have fun coming up with great scenarios for me to draw the characters in. I know I had fun drawing them for them. Check out their site and their charities, good stuff. Speaking of Browncoats, a while back I came up with this Browncoat design that I really like and decided to make some products out of it. Right now I have some t-shirts set up (mens and womens in different colors). I plan to more products and different Firefly designs. I might even make the entire cast out of this style.

Visit my store for the Browncoat design.

Oh yeah, I also got two great Spookytown drawings at the show. One from Howard Chaykin and an incredible one from Cat Staggs. I'll see about scanning it later, it's a beauty.


Joe Sterling said...

Your sketches are as cool as ever. I'm in Chicago. Hopefully you can come through for the Wizard World Chicago Con. I got some Shades of Blue issues you can sign.

Buci said...

Realy cool work! congratulations men.