Friday, August 15, 2008

My Son the Comic Book Fan

This is crazy. I was taking a closer look at some of the sonogram shots of the kiddo and noticed this. Apparently, he got a hold of a copy of Fantastic Four #48. The classic Stan Lee/Jack Kirby issue introducing Galactus and the Silver Surfer. That's incredible. I don't even have that comic! Looks like it's Near Mint too! Once he comes out, I'm putting that book away for his college fund.


Michelle Harris said...

Wow, I thought my son was a comic book geek...what with his 2-year- old "Piderman/Huk" (Spiderman/Hulk) birthday party.
Like father like son I guess;)
PS Great web page!!

-Michael said...

You know what?
That's damn funny.
That sir, is what funny's about.

tomztoyz said...

He's a Jack Kirby Fan?

OK, I think I'm gonna like this little kid because he has good taste!

samax said...