Monday, July 21, 2008

Believe the Hype, it's a Sequel!

I know Chuck D. told you "Don't believe the hype", but in this case you really should. The Dark Knight was greatness. A sequel better than the original. A better comic book film than Iron Man. Iron Man is much more fun than The Dark Knight, that's for sure, a better summer popcorn super hero movie, but The Dark Knight is a better film. Darker. Well, much, much, much darker, but better.

All that talk about "Ledger should get an Oscar, blah, blah, blah." Man, I gotta say, pretty dang valid. I don't know if he will win one, but I really do think he should at least be nominated. He walked away with this movie. He actually ran away with it. Better than Nicholson. Yep, I said it. Better than Nicholson. Do yourself a favor and go see it, but don't take your younger kiddos (like I saw so many doing). The Joker is kinda a psycho.

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samax said...

after the 3rd week at #1, this is still the best movie in theaters... i agree with everything you said here.

i overheard a guy at work say he thought the movie was boring, but he's an idiot.

this was the JOINT!