Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Comic and CAPE 4 - May 3rd

I have a page in a new mini comic called "Mine All Mine" by David Hopkins. David wrote a whole bunch of one page stories (all about stealing, hence the Jane's Addiction referenced title) and got various artists to draw them. Including me. Here's the run down so far...

Samax Amen ("The Plan")
Joshua Boulet ("Hero and Thief")
Ryan Cody ("Long Walk Home")
David DeGrand ("Stealing Electricity")
Joe Eisma ("Lost Wallet")
Jake Ekiss ("Vending Machines")
Derrick Fish ("Misdirection")
Michael Lagocki ("Tools of the Trade")
Jim Lujan ("The Nigerian Scam")
Paul Milligan ("Kidnapping")
Wes Molebash ("I Found It")
Chad Sell ("Will Run for Food")
Cal Slayton ("Return Policy")
Justin Stewart ("Blanket Thief")
ZeeS ("Pickpocket")
Scott Zirkel ("The Oil Change")
Cover by Tania Kaufmann

It makes it's debut at...

For the 4th year in a row, it's CAPE - The Comics and Pop-Culture Expo! Once again it takes place on Free Comic Book Day and there will be a whole mess of comic creators, including me. The show is FREE and there are thousands of FREE COMIC BOOKS. It takes place in a park near Zeus Comics in Dallas.

Click here for information on CAPE!.

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