Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Madame Fishnet

Here is a pin-up I did for a friend of mine, Scott Story. It's a character from his series Johnny Saturn. Her name is Madame Fishnet (I think you can tell why). It's a for a book he's planning to publish of different artists doing their takes on characters from the series. Hope you enjoy.

Since we're talking about pin-ups. I wanted to put this offer back out there. I had a couple of takers the first time I posted this...

I'd love to do some pin-up or covers, free of charge for anyone out there that meets these criteria:

A. You're actually interested in me doing it. I know I'm not as good some artists, so you may think "Dude, no way would we want your stuff."
B. It's a book that's actually being (or going to be) published. I've done too many covers for books that are "being shopped" or "once we do (insert action) it's getting printed". No online only comics, must be a print comic.
C. It's something that I think I could pull off.
D. The deadline works with my schedule.

Anyway, the offer is out there. All I ask for is a free copy of the book it appears in.

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DW said...

Great work on this, Cal! Reminds me of Darwyn Cooke's stuff.