Monday, March 17, 2008

Heinz 57 Commercial

Heinz 57 is having this contest where you create your own 30 second commercial, they narrow it down to the top ten, the public votes on those and the winner gets $57,000.

As some of you know, me and my buddies make stupid little movies Dog Food Productions (Those of you who don’t know are probably better off.) Anyway, we submitted an entry and you can see it on the Heinz site (ha, ha, hindsight) here...Dog Food Productions Heinz 57 Commercial

Or watch it right here...

It’s not that good. Mainly because we didn’t realize just how short 30 seconds really is. We had to cut out a bunch of stuff that “sold” the idea more. We shot green screen stuff, floating hamburgers and fries and more things that show me going crazy. The idea is there, just not as good as we planned it out to be.

It will not get in the top ten, that’s a promise, but at least we finished it.

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DW said...

Ha! That's so great! :)