Friday, March 23, 2007

Drawings from Dallas Comicon Fan Day

I had a great time as always out at the Dallas Comicon Fan Day convention. Thanks to Ben and Mark for having me out. And as always, I did a ton of commission pieces, but I think this show I did more than ever. It was definitely my most successful con. Gabbed with David Hopkins and Tom Martin most of the day. Here are some of the pieces I did over the weekend.

As usual, after these events I get fired up to do some comic stuff. So, the other night, I broke out a comic I created five years (in mini comic form) and I got to work writing a graphic novel based on it that I plan to draw and hopefully get published. Look for some posts coming up about that. I'm kinda excited about it.

I'd love to do some pin-up or covers, free of charge for anyone out there that meets these criteria:

A. You're actually interested in me doing it. I know I'm not as good some artists, so you may think "Dude, no way would we want your stuff."
B. It's a book that's actually being published. I've done too many covers for books that are "being shopped" or "once we do (insert action) it's getting printed"
C. It's something that I think I could pull off.
D. The deadline works with my schedule.

Anyway, the offer is out there.

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Lud Hughes said...

I'm seeing a lot of artists carrying around digital cameras at conventions just for this reason! Great work as always, Cal!

I'm really loving the Elastigirl sketch--I thought I was the only major Incredibles fan out there? ;-)