Monday, January 01, 2007

Girls From My Past

Well, my comic book past anyway. Some of may know, but most of you probably don't, that I used to draw a comic book series called "Shades of Blue". It was created and written by Jim Harris and I worked on 13 of the 15 issues of the series. It was about a teenage girl named Heidi, who woke up one day to find that not only had her hair turned blue, but she had electrical powers as well. Long story short, villains started popping up in her town with powers and her two best friends talk her into becoming a super hero if only so they could be side kicks.

It was a lot of fun to work on and recently I realized how much I missed drawing the characters. So I thought I'd draw Heidi and K.T. just to see how they'd look if I was drawing the series today. This wasn't meant to be some super cool drawing or anything, just an exercise in visiting the past and seeing how time has changed how I draw. Anyway, hope you like it. I had fun drawing it. Man, I miss those crazy kids.

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David said...

Hey, I know those girls!

Needless to say, Emily Edison wouldn't exist without Shades of Blue as an influence.