Monday, August 14, 2006

Colorado Revisited

If for some crazy reason you've been checking out this blog since the beginning, you might have seen the photos we took in Colorado last Fall. Well, we're heading back agian this year and it inspired me to add more of the pictures we took last year to the page I created. I think I added about about 16 or so more.

So, if you're into nature or photography or you're just bored at work, give 'em a look. I'm sure when we get back for our second visit, I'll post the new ones. Should make for some good photos since we will be hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. Just like last year, we're renting a cabin in the woods. We're pretty darned psyched about the whole thing, I gotta tell ya.

Click here to check out the updated pictures from last year.


David said...

Cool! That's sounds like a lot of fun.

Conny said...

Mr. Slayton...i have to say that i think your art is totally amazing. I love it. I have emailed you a request for permission to use your art. I hope you received it?

Anyway....i will try to keep coming to see more of your wonderful art. :)