Monday, May 08, 2006

Quick Interview

Fletch Adams over at Broken Frontier posted interviews with a handful of comic creators (including me) in honor of Free Comic Book Day. So head over there check it out.

Here's my portion...

1) What got you interested in comics?
I've been into comics since I can remember. The never was a B.C. for me... "Before Comics". They have always been a part of my life probably because I had an older brother. He was into comics and the Batman TV series from the 60s. So I was too. He eventually veered off from them but I stuck with them all through my life. The first comics I really got sucked into were Batman titles, especially Brave and the Bold . Each month Bats teams up with another super hero? C'mon, what's not to love? The older I got as a kid, the more I could recognize particular artists. Adams, Grell, Aparo, Dillon were my firsts, then I learned about Kirby, Romita, Buscema, and then Byrne and Miller came along. I'd follow artists from book to book. Still do. The art is what has kept me into comics all this time. I can't read a comic with art I don't find at least minimally appealing. Bad art can kill good writing for me.

2) What is exciting you most about the comic book industry today?
The amazing volume of different types of stories that are available to readers. The advent of print-on-demand for self-publishers is great, being able to produce a book quickly and more affordably will open up a lot of doors for undiscovered talent. But I've never been too thrilled with digital comics though. Reading a 20 page comic in a PDF (or on a web site) will never replace holding that same story in your hand. I love the internet, but print rules.

3) What comics would you recommend to new (or returning) readers?
The Goon by Eric Powell is probably my favorite. And you can't go wrong with Hellboy even with its non-regular releases. Mignola rules. Anything Darwyn Cooke does. Go pick up New Frontier. They all are amazing, they sicken me. In a good way though.

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