Sunday, May 07, 2006

CAPE Thanks!

Thanks to Richard and the crew from Zeus Comics for putting on such a great event. I know they all wroked extremely hard and think the whole day (rain and all) was just amazing. Congrats on a successful show!

Thanks for everyone who stopped by my table at CAPE on Saturday. You really kept me busy. About a half an hour into the show I got my first commission and I didn't stop until I left a little after 5:00. That's almost seven hours of drawing. I called it "chain drawing". I stopped for about ten minutes to wolf down some pasta.

I did a total of 19 drawings and a bunch of sketches. And the majority of the drawings were color, so they took even longer. I drew all sorts of stuff, like Buffy, a pin-up girl, two versions of Aquaman, an Anime character, that girl from Black Harvest, Batman, Deadpool, Black Canary, Nick Fury, Kim Possible and even some guy's dog!

I did about a third more work in the one day of CAPE than I did at both days of the Dallas Comicon the weekend before. My hand was sore the rest of the night, I was dead tired but it was a lot of fun. BTW, being dead tired was the reason I skipped the Live Art Show that night if anyone noticed (mainly Scott and David).

Again, I really appreciate the fact that so many people stopped and visited with me. I don't take that stuff for granted and I'll see there next year.

This Christmas I'm asking for a robot hand.


James said...

Dang, dang, dang. I knew I forgot something that day. I got so busy I never made it by your table for a sketch! drat.

David said...

Oohh... a robot hand would be cool. :)

Happy to hear Cape went well. I was busy the entire day handing out copies of "Viper Comics Presents". (Were you able to get one?)

I was hoping to see you at the Live Art Show. But alas, I completely understand being dead tired. We closed out the bar that evening, and had a blast.

Cal Slayton said...

James - Hopefully CAPE 3 will happen and I can get you a sketch!

David - By the time I got home, I just couldn't find it in me to drive all the way back down there. I'm sure it was fun.