Sunday, April 16, 2006

Dallas Comic Con - Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone I met out at the Plano Centre for the Dallas Comic Con this past weekend. It was a lot of fun as always. Met a lot of nice people and did a ton of drawings as always. Got to see a scruffy Thomas Jane and white haired Michael Gross. And I got to sit next to local comic book writer David Hopkins and for a good reason. We (officially I guess) announced our upcoming collaboration on a new comic book series..."The Last Babysitter".

Here is the synopsis...
It's the not-too-distant future. Moms and dads use androids to take care of their kids. In true post-apocalyptic fashion, the robotic nannies short circuit and turn against the owners. One girl raids her dad's gun stash to save the kiddos.

We're both excited about the project. For me it's a welcomed return to comic books. It's been a while since I've been able to do another book and I'm really anxious to put out something good. This will be a mini-series, which is another plus, because it means I won't have to meet deadlines over a long period of time. Just four issues! It'll be an all ages book like Shades of Blue was. We'll be shopping it around to some publishers, we already have one in mind to start with, we'll see if they bite.


Stefan said...

hey, i'm from germany and i realy like youre blog :-)

have you a icq number? my icq number is: 307173579.

sorry for my bad englisch =/

please mailback ;)

bye, Stefan.

Tom Hodges said...

Cal, I will also be a guest at the Dallas show... look forward to meeting you.

David said...

See you there!

Cal Slayton said...

stefan - No, I don't have an icq number, sorry. That's for checking out my stuff!

tom and david- Look forward to seeing you guys. Meeting Tom and seeing David again, specifically.

Mike Exner III said...

Right on, Cal. I was born in the D/FW area, and I've always wanted to go to the convention there. Would have loved to have got a sketch from you too. Good luck on the alley.

Soozcat said...

Just followed your link from Scott Kurtz's site... and DAMN. You've got some nice work here, Cal. How did I miss hearing about you before this?

I may have to put my money where my mouth is and buy some of your swag.

James said...

Big fan,
I stopped by on Sunday, but you seemed busy, so I kept on going.
But I will stop by at CAPE, assuming Richard will let me wander away for a few minutes. I have a great Flash sketch you did, but looking at some of the women you've been doing lately, I think you may be asked to do one in my sketchbook.