Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Man, I'm so glad they're back.

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Marla said...

Hey Cal
I'mright there with ya. I wait so patiently for the Sopranos to start every season...or every two years.
Great pics of Pikes Peak. My oldest son went there about 5 years ago with his grandparents and brought back some amazing pictures....and lots of expensive dinosaurs.
Guess who lives about a half a milefrom me....? SCOTT KRUTSCH! I am freaking out! So many people from Forrest City live in Benton. Remember that girl you dated...Laws was her last name...she lives here, too. And, a few more people you probably don't know.
Anyway, just wanted to say hi. I'm in Conway, at UCA, in grad school. (Getting my Doctorate...can you believe it? ME? A Doctor!)
Email me or Chris sometime. My email address is

See ya,
Marla Cullum-Murphy