Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Red Headed Irish Chick

I decided to do something a little different than the "no-line" stuff I've been doing lately. So, I did this piece to play around with outlines again, just to experiment and see if I could pull off what I was envisioning. I also went a little bit more cartoony on her, more curvy and exaggerated.

The background, of course, is a cop-out. I just wanted some green in the piece to pop the red. Anyway, hope you like it.


Lud Hughes said...

It's working for me--I like that you didn't use overall black as the outline (which is what I tend to do when I'm particularly being lazy about the piece) and you're right: green always works on a beautiful redhead. What bothers me about the piece though is the amount of detail you put on the piece until you hit her feet. You could have put a bottom black "sole" line from her toes to the top of the shoe strap to really indicate a weight to the girl.

I do really like seeing your line sketches next to the finished work to really check out the modifications you've done in Illustrator.

DW said...

I love it, especially all the narrow pinches like at her knees. That and the fact she's dressed just like Mia Wallace :D Beautiful as always, Cal!

Kelsey said...

Whoa! Stuff looks great dude!

Thanks for coming by! It's great hearing from ya. You all should just come to Austin. It's better, trust me.