Thursday, January 05, 2006 - My new design website

I just launched, my new home for graphic design. I decided to split it off of to have a site totally dedicated to design and one just for illustration and personal use. If you need any graphic design work, please stop by and check out the work I've done. I'm sure I could help you out.

Visit today!


Ron Phillips said...

The wiz biz is catchy, but .biz are generally domain killers.

That being said, I might have to inquire to your rates. Have you done any CSS layouts? I notice a lot of your stuff is tabled. I'm working my way away from tables, like with most of blogger's templates, I want to keep mine clean and flexible.

Love the design sense you have though. You knew that though. :)

Cal Slayton said...

Hey Ron, how ya been? Yeah, I know, I know, .biz, but I was looking for something catchy and I came up with this. It'll do for what I need.

I was gonna send you an email about the rest but I must have it anymore and at DW, it won't let me send you one. If you get a chance email me.

Todd Kauffman said...

great site cal...look forward to more sweet posts.

ray104 said...

hi slayton i'm starting a small indy comic publisher company in need of the company logo i went to your website but u don't have a email contact instead u have this contact[AT] i just would like to know how much for your service my email is thank you-Ray