Thursday, January 26, 2006

Buffy and My Step-By-Step Process

I've had people from time to time ask me what my process is for creating an image in Illustrator. I love when artist do tutorials, so I thought I would throw this together. This is by no means the right way to do it or even the smart way to do it. It's just how I do it. Hope this can be of help to someone.

Click here to see how Buffy here was created!


David said...

I think your illustrator work looks great. (And of course, my inner-Buffy fan rejoices.) About how long does the process take usually?


sweet! im a buffy fan as well. always great to see another artists process, especially a fellow adobe illustrator junkie.

VShane said...

Your braver than I! I could never really grasp Illustrator, though I have worked in Freehand just fine. Nice work!