Monday, November 21, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me

My birthday was Saturday. Got a lot of cool stuff from my family and friends.

1. A 30 gig iPod
2. The Art of Shag book
3. Louis Prima Live in Vegas CD
4. “The Warriors” DVD
5. A framed Shag Disneyland print
6. A Gil Elvgren calendar
7. The Art of Dan Decarlo book

Not to mention a Best Buy gift card and some cash. Man, I can not complain! That’s some sweet swag right there! Thanks to everyone for all the cool stuff. I feel very fortunate to have such great people in my life. This past year has been a great one!


David said...

Happy birthday!

Cal Slayton said...

Hey David! Thanks man. Nice to ahve you visit, I stop by at least once a week to see what's up with you. We need to do a one shot or something together next year.

David said...

Definately. I sent you an e-mail. :)